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Essentials Kit

Essentials Kit

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The Essentials Kit comes with all critical replacement parts to keep Flo Mask at peak performance.

  • Elastic Straps: Our elastic straps have been cycle tested for 10,000 cycles to ensure durability. This is a full replacement set that comes with every Flo Mask.
  • Condensation Foam Insert: Our condensation foam insert acts as a sponge to ensure all day wearing comfort, preventing moisture from pooling inside the mask. As with every Flo Mask component, our foam material has been lab tested to ensure no toxic chemicals are present. The foam is notched at the top for indication of direction and slightly inset at the bottom for added clearance of the lips.
  • Microfiber Pouch: Our microfiber pouch is designed to store Flo Mask when not in use. The tight weave of our microfiber material helps reduce dust and other particulates floating in the air from loading the electrostatically charged filters. 

 Cleaning Instructions

We recommend adding a drop of soap to the foam and hand washing after every use. Be sure to rinse out all soap, squeeze dry, and place it out to properly air dry. For elastic straps, soak in some warm water and mild soap, then gently hand scrub and rinse, allowing it to properly air dry.

Included in box

  • (2) Reusable condensation foam inserts
  • (1) Top strap
  • (1) Regular bottom strap
  • (1) XL bottom strap
  • (1) Microfiber storage pouch 

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For bulk orders, please contact support at breathe@flomask.com