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BARDA/NIOSH/NIST Phase 2 Finalist!

Flo Mask Pro was selected by BARDA, NIOSH, and NIST as an innovative mask, one of 10 finalists in the country. This recognition was given on March 2022, with the competition concluding later this year.

Inclusive design with two sizes.

Size 1: Low/Med Nose Bridge

A lower nose bridge is common for those of Asian and African descent. We've developed a size with a more shallow nose curvature to ensure a perfect fit.

Size 2: Med/High Nose Bridge

A higher nose bridge is common for those of European and Hispanic descent. Our larger size has a more generous curvature for those with a taller bridge.

Not sure what size to choose?

Use our nose bridge print out tool here (to ensure accurate scaling, please print directly from Adobe Acrobat).

Two filter options for all your needs.

Pro Filter

Utilizing next generation filtration technology, our Pro Filter line has been tested to filter over 99% of sub-micron particles for when you need the very best we offer.

Each Pro Filter is rated for up to 40 hours of use*.

Everyday Filter

Sometimes, breathability is just as important. Our Everyday Filter line offers nearly 3x the breathability, while still achieving 95-99% filtration efficiency, allowing you to go about your daily activities with confidence.

Each Everyday Filter is rated for up to 20 hours of use*.

View our test report here.

Flo Mask for Adults

Pre-order now, ships late April 2022

  • Med/High Nose Bridge
  • Low/Med Nose Bridge

Flo Mask Pro (Adult Mask)

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Flo Mask Pro - Black Front Cover

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Condensation Insert (Adults, 3-Pack)

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Halo Strap (Adults)

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