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 Our journey to building Flo Mask for kids.

The world was a much different place from when we first started our journey in 2018, but our mission remains concrete: build the world's best face mask for everyone, period.

Living in California, we're subjected to annual wildfires that result in toxic smoke, lasting weeks at a time. As a dad to three young kids in elementary school, I grew increasingly desperate to find a solution.

But as a product development professional, it was clear to me the mask industry forgot about kids when they created N95 masks. This mission suddenly became deeply personal and that's when the idea for Flo Mask was born. We were on our way to creating an air pollution mask when COVID-19 hit, forcing us to rethink everything. We needed Flo Mask to protect against both.

The Flo Mask team is made up of award winning product designers from Silicon Valley, having spent our entire careers building products for the world's best tech companies. We have deep expertise in creating solutions around human factors and Flo Mask proved to be one of the most challenging we've ever done.

Our two year journey to scan little faces using an industrial grade 3D scanner, design, prototype, learn, scrap, start over, redesign, refine, prototype again and again is what's required to build what we believe to be the world's best face mask for kids. 

Flo Mask won the Phase 1 BARDA Mask Challenge in 2021, beating out nearly 1,500 other teams across the USA. This gave us the confidence to build our adult version, Flo Mask Pro, which is currently one of ten finalists in Phase 2, hosted by BARDA, NIOSH, and NIST.

 Our journey to building Flo Mask for adults.

Flo Mask is crafted with the very best materials and tested to the highest standards. We've obsessed over every detail as if our own families are wearing them, because they are.

And now, we'd like to share Flo Mask with the world.

- Kevin Ngo, Inventor of Flo Mask, Founder and CEO of Air Flo Labs