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Q. Is Flo Mask N95 certified?

The simple answer is no for both kids and adult masks.

NIOSH does not certify kids' masks as N95, so if you ever see any N rating on a kids’ mask, it's a false claim. We have plans to begin the process of N95 certification in the future for our adult mask. There is a significant backlog of companies seeking N95, which can take years to complete.

We are however working directly with NIOSH as a finalist in the BARDA/NIOSH/NIST mask competition. We're one of ten remaining teams in the entire country. BARDA has given us permission to release our Flo Mask Pro test results from directly from NIOSH and NIST posted in the video below.

In addition to those tests, we also had our masks independently tested using a NIOSH standard TSI 8130A device with a mean particle size of 0.26 micron. The adult mask Pro Filter performs at 99% at 85 LPM. Our Everyday Filter achieves 99% at 32 LPM and 95% at 85 LPM. Our kids mask achieved over 95%, but at an adjusted flow rate of 6.3 LPM to better match the upper range in respiratory rate of most children.

Independent test report for kids and adult masks can be found here


Q. I live in Europe, can I get a mask?

Unfortunately we're not shipping masks to Europe at the moment. We're in the process of applying for CE approval by testing against FFP2/FFP3 standards. Our goal is to complete this by early 2023.

If you already own a mask and need to replenish your filters or accessories, please contact our customer service team at so we can help you.


Q. Will Flo Mask fit me and my child?

Kids' mask recommended for 4 to 12 years of age. 

Fit was our core pillar from day one. That's why our team invested heavily in utilizing the very best 3D scanning technology to scan elementary aged kids across various ethnicities. As a result, we believe we've created an optimal fit for most kids ages 4 to 12. Our incredibly soft silicone gasket has been engineered to flex and accommodate various face shapes and sizes among this age group. 

Under 4 years of age. 

Although our mask wasn’t designed for kids younger than 4, we’ve had many parents use Flo Mask on kids as young as 2 and the feedback we’ve received is that it fits quite nicely. However, this is a decision a parent must make. To better help you make this decision, our mask dimensions (measuring inside dims from silicone gasket to silicone gasket) are:

Height (nose to chin): 60mm 

Width (sides of mouth): 64mm 


Two nose bridge sizes for adults.

Our adult mask was designed as a one size fits most with just a single difference, the nose bridge size, which we offer in two sizes: low/med and med/high. Based on our data, it should fit over 90% of the world's adult population.

Use our nose bridge print out tool here (to ensure accurate scaling, please print directly from Adobe Acrobat).

Here are our mask dimensions (measuring inside dims from silicone gasket to silicone gasket).

Height (nose to chin): 77mm 

Width (sides of mouth): 86mm 


Q. How often should I change the filter?

Based on our load testing data, we recommend the following assuming an AQI of 100 or less (average air quality index in Shanghai):

  • Kid Filter - Up to 8 hours of use
  • Pro Filter - Up to 40 hours of use
  • Everyday Filter - Up to 20 hours of use

Replace more frequently in poor air quality environments.

Fresh filters help maintain good breathability and when not in use, please store the mask in the included microfiber pouch as the filters are electrostatically charged and will continue to attract particulates in the air if left sitting out.


Q. Can I wear Flo Mask on a plane?

It’s very important to note that Flo Mask does NOT have an exhaust valve and is a face covering, which complies with the current language of all airline rules. We’ve had many kids and adults fly with Flo Mask without incident. However, since there aren’t any official government approved markings for airline travel and with Flo Mask being so unique, on rare occasions, some flight attendants have requested that an additional facial cover be placed over the mask. 


Q. Does Flo Mask have an exhaust valve?

We made the difficult decision to eliminate an exhaust valve, realizing that many venues (eg. hospitals, airplanes, etc.) now ban such masks due to the pandemic. Therefore, Flo Mask only allows filtered air to flow in and filtered air to flow back out. Maintaining this high level of filtration may result in some condensation build up over time within the mask.


Q. Is the filter recyclable?

Unfortunately, the unique material and manufacturing process to create our filters does not allow it to be recyclable. Please properly dispose of the filter in the trash and remember to always wash your hands with soap after handling a used filter.


Q. Can Flo Mask help with wildfire smoke?

Wildfire smoke was originally the reason for the creation of Flo Mask. This is why we focused so heavily on getting an excellent seal against a user's face. Combined with an effective filter, Flo Mask is a great tool to help reduce inhaling PM 2.5 particulates.


Q. Can I use Flo Mask or Flo Mask Pro for an MRI? 

The primary housing of Flo Mask and Flo Mask Pro are made of polycarbonate and silicone, which do not have any metal in them. However, the straps do contain metal in the buckle and push button lock. Therefore, if you're looking to use Flo Mask or Flo Mask Pro for an MRI, please be sure to replace both straps with your own pure elastic ones. 


Q. Does Flo Mask contain latex rubber? 

Our elastic straps currently use latex rubber. We're in the early discovery phase of exploring alternative materials to help those who may be allergic to latex. 


Q. Where is Flo Mask made?

One of the most important aspects of Flo Mask, the filter, is manufactured here in the United States. The mask itself is manufactured in China through a highly reputable manufacturer that makes products for some of the most notable brands in the world. All packaging is printed in California and we perform the final assembly here in the San Francisco Bay Area to ship out to you.


Q. Will Flo Mask protect from COVID-19?

Although our filter has been proven to be very effective against small particle sizes based on our test results, COVID-19 is novel given there is so much left to learn about this new virus. Therefore, we can't make any claims that Flo Mask will protect from COVID-19. However, we believe the tight seal of our mask and high performance of our filter can help reduce the risk of transmitting or receiving this virus.