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Will Flo Mask fit my child?

Fit was our core pillar from day one. That's why our team invested heavily in utilizing the very best 3D scanning technology to scan elementary aged kids across various ethnicities. As a result, we believe we've created an optimal fit for most kids ages 4 to 12. Our incredibly soft silicone gasket has been engineered to flex and accommodate various face shapes and sizes among this age group. 


What's the difference between Flo Mask and fabric masks?

Nearly all masks in the market today don't create a tight seal around the face, which poses a huge problem. Viruses and air pollution particulates are incredibly tiny. Unfortunately, the weave of standard fabric masks aren't tight enough to block these from passing through to the user. 

Flo Mask filters on the other hand, have been independently lab tested by Nelson Labs to block over 99.8% of viruses, while remaining very breathable. Our tight seal ensures air only flows through the filter.


What is unique about the filter on Flo Mask?

Flo Mask was designed for little lungs, so we focused heavily on the breathability of our filter. We worked directly with a medical and aerospace filter company here in the USA to manufacture the right solution for Flo Mask. Breathability tests from Nelson Labs have shown our filters to be 600% better than what the FDA allows.

Many filters on the market today have various layers to achieve a high level of filtration and give the mask its shape. However, increased layers also mean increased resistance to air flow. 

Because Flo Mask has its own support structure, we can significantly reduce the number of layers in our filter, down to a single layer that filters sub-micron particles sandwiched in-between a layer of hydrophobic material on each side to ensure the fibers don't get breathed in. This offers maximum breathability without compromising the effectiveness of the filter. 


How often should I change my filter?

There are multiple variables that affect the life of the filter. Polluted air environments would have different results from clean ones. And since our filters are electrostatically charged, they'll work effectively in attracting particulates in the air, causing them to load and over time reduce the efficiency to breathe through.

To ensure the greatest efficiency and breathability for your child, the filter manufacturer recommends replacing the filter once a day as a safe rule of thumb.


Does Flo Mask have an exhaust valve?

We made the difficult decision to eliminate an exhaust valve, realizing that many venues (eg. hospitals, airplanes, etc.) now ban such masks due to the pandemic. Therefore, Flo Mask only allows filtered air to flow in and filtered air to flow back out. Maintaining this high level of filtration may result in some condensation build up over time within the mask.


Is the filter recyclable?

Unfortunately, the unique material and manufacturing process to create our filters does not allow it to be recyclable. Please properly dispose the filter in the trash and remember to always wash your hands with soap after handling a used filter.


Where is Flo Mask made?

One of the most important aspects of Flo Mask, the filter, is manufactured here in the United States. The mask itself is manufactured in China. We perform the final assembly here in the San Francisco Bay Area to ship out to you.


Will Flo Mask protect me from COVID-19?

Although our filter has been proven to be very effective against standard viruses and bacteria, COVID-19 is novel given there is so much left to learn about this new virus. Therefore, we can't make any guarantees that Flo Mask will fully protect you from COVID-19. However, we believe the tight seal of our mask and high performance of our filter can help reduce the risk of transmitting or receiving this virus.